Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pants and Coat For The Toddler Grandson

I hemmed in no time at all the two pairs of pants for my grandson.  They were both done my machine. All that's left with the pants is the elastic waistband.  I don't usually use one piece of elastic, but multiple, small rows.  I have yet to purchase the elastic.

The coat assembly took a little longer.  I first stay stitched around the curves of the jacket and the lining to keep the jacket from stretching in those areas.  I added a white muslin interfacing on the fleece at the same time I stay stitched the jacket.  I hand stitched the interfacing at the shoulder. 

What took the most time was the blanket stitch around the edge of the jacket and sleeves.  I used a top stitching black thread.  To keep the edge as even as possible, I basted around the whole jacket 1/2 inch away in white thread.  I inserted the needle and black thread in every other stitch.  Here's the jacket with the basting removed.  All that's left are the buttons and button holes.

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