Sunday, January 09, 2011

SWAP 2011 - Week 2 of 17

I've mentioned before that I don't make one item at a time, but a few together.  It usualy ends up with one project on the way in (working muslin, fitting, cutting), one project on the way out (buttons, hemming), and one official project (the major sewing of conponents). 

This week I cut two muslins, one for the Burda slacks and one for the Kwik Sew skirt.  I sewed both muslins, analyzed fitting issues, and tweeked the patterns.

At the end of this week, the Kwik Sew skirt is the project coming in.  It's ready to be cut.

The Burda Slacks is the official project.  It's cut, and I couldn't wait to sew these up.  I sewed the back darts, sewed the back to the side strip, and pressed.  I installed the zipper by following these directions  This is the new technique on this item along with including a fly shield, which the directions didn't include.  It is a very simple, folded rectangle out of silk taffet a.  I  also finished the fly seams with a hong kong finish as a practice. 
The pattern has hip pockets.  I don't usually like hip pockets, but since the pockets are set a little forward, I decided to include them this time.  Why don't I like hip pockets?  My hips don't need more padding; and when I put stuff in there, the "bumps" are unattractive.  However, I will admit that pockets are handy. 

As I attemped to sew the front to the side strip, I noticed something seriously wrong.  I made the side back adjustment too long.  Luckily, too long, not too short.  I ended today by tweeking the pattern again, removing the side strip from the back, picking the threads from the seams, and pressing them flat.