Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Off To The Panhandle of Florida

Tomorrow I'm leaving the cold and snow of NH for the sun and beaches of FL.  Family members and myself are joining my DH at the end of his business trip at Fort Walton Beach.  I won't be taking any sewing projects along, but I will start a knitting one.  Yes, I know I haven't finished the gingerbread socks, but I am saving that for our knitting group, which hasn't met for a very long time.  I'm told maybe we will meet again in two weeks.
 I bought this knitting leaflet a few months back

with intentions of making the sweater with collar and the hat for my DGS.   I actually made the hat as one of his Christmas present.   He looks beautiful in the hat, but he won't keep it on for more than a minute.  He just won't allow any hat on his head.  One day he'll figure a hat will keep his head warm. 

My carpool mate loves this pattern, too, and asked me if I will help her with the directions.  I want to resolve issues before she begins, so I am getting a head start.  The yarn I am using is the Snuggly DK.  It is baby soft and washable.  My gauge is right on with the pattern, which was figured when doing the hat.  It's all packed and ready to go.

Speaking of cable sweaters, my DH and I visit estate sales and yard sales all the time.  Something I was never really into until I met my DH.  We've managed some great purchases.  One is this handmade, cable sweater


for just $5.00.  Supposedly, it was never worn, because the young owner was allergic to wool.   An aunt made them for all her nieces and nephews.  The plastic buttons got damaged during the dry cleaning process, but the rest of it held up just great.