Sunday, January 23, 2011

SWAP 2011 - Week 4 of 17

I started this week off by meeting up with the talented Summerset and her children.  We had conversations about various things along with sewing.  Summerset wore her lovely faux fur jacket, which she had just completed.  We finished our visit by stopping at Fabric Fix in Manchester, NH, where she helped convince me to purchase this rayon/silk burnout velvet for a possible piece for my SWAP.   There is no blue in the piece.  It is just black and gold.  Good choice, Summerset!

I also purchased ten yards of black grosgrain ribbon @ 50 cents a yard for waistband usage.

This week I tweaked the fit on the Kwik Sew skirt by taking some of the curve from the side seams and finished binding those seams.  Another new technique was a waistband backed with grosgrain ribbon.  I followed the instructions from Roberto Cabrera/Patricia Flaherty Meyers' book, "Classic Tailoring Techniques, A Construction Guide For Women's Wear" and a favorite of mine by Claire B Shaeffer, "Couture Sewing".   Here is the result before I tack down the edges, back stitch the bottom edge of the ribbon, and apply a closure.

This makes for a very sturdy waistband, and I plan on doing this more in the future.  There is quite a curve to the bottom of the skirt back.  I had to pre-gather the hem before binding the hem edge.

To reduce bulk in the hem caused by the seam binding, I graded each seam.

The hem is partially sewn using a blind catch stitch.

I am classifying this project as the project on its way out.  I enjoyed doing all the new techniques; however, they were time consuming.  My sewing goal is to more couture oriented.  A time constraint contest may not be the ideal time to do so many in one item, but it sure is making for a nice looking skirt. 

The Burda slacks is still the official project.  I've put it aside for awhile, but it's time to pick it back up and get it done.

I have a few items classified as the projects coming in.  I've been working muslins for:

     the Kwik Sew red jacquard silk blouse, and
     the McCalls silk charmeuse blouses in black and gold.

The Kwik Sew blouse is really ready to be cut.  I have a few adjustments to re-check for the charmeuse blouses.  Since I'm using the same pattern, I get two for one.  There is only about one week left in the month, and I haven't completed one whole garment yet.  I've been preparing for a work audit, which will happen tomorrow, after which I hope to step it up. 

As an aside, my toddler grandson is going to Colorado with my DD to visit his grandfather and uncle.  My DD and I went shopping for some things for him to take on the trip.  I couldn't resist these Toy Story cowboy boots,

and I have been laughing about them ever since.  My DS is just going to think they are the greatest, since he wears cowboy boots all the time.    Aren't these the cutest?