Sunday, December 26, 2010

Official Start of SWAP

Today is the first official day of SWAP 2011.  It takes great dedication to complete this contest.  I had great hopes of having almost two dresses completed by the end of the year, but life and the holidays got in the way along with a cold, so that goal is not likely to happen. 

Today, I am working on tracing Vogue 7609 and placed a fabric order with Vogue Fabrics.  I am taking one day at a time, and hope to post my progress weekly.

My first step with Vogue 7609 is to make the pattern larger.  I first trace the original pattern pieces to preserve the pattern.  These vintage patterns look different. 

There is no writing on the pattern pieces.  Seam allowances are included, but you have to match the geometric symbols.  You also have to reference other sewing sources.  This pattern mentions a "gusset", but is not specific.  Luckily, I own a couple of vintage sewing books.

I began the enlargement process vertically on the top by taking a measurement from one bust point to another and adjusting the pattern accordingly by placing the pattern straight on grain and cutting from top to bottom.  Whatever is added to the front, I duplicate in the back.  Next measurement is bust circumfrence, adding two inches for ease, adjusting equally front and back.  I try to work around dart positions.  Next measurement is waist.  These vintage patterns have pretty tight waist lines.  I took out the side curves.  Final check is sleeve circumference.