Sunday, January 16, 2011

SWAP 2011 - Week 3 of 17

The beginning of the week started with me re-cutting the Burda slack back pattern, re-cutting the top of the slacks, re-doing darts, and re-stitching the strip. 

By the end of week, the Kwik Sew skirt joined the Burda slacks as another official project. 

Both now need:

                  final tweeking of the fit,
                  seam finishing,

Still a lot to be accomplished.

One new technique used this week on the Burda skirt was making hong kong finished seams.  I used china silk.  It was tedious having to cut bias strips, then sewing the bias strips a quarter inch away from each seam edge, folding the bias back over the seam, tucking it behind each seam, edge stitching each one, and trimming the back side.  Each seam ended with five passes of stitching, but I like the look, and the way the seams hang on the front side.

Another new technique was inserting my first ever invisible zipper.  I've been putting this off successfully for years even though I wanted to learn how to do it.  I am a visual learner and really wanted someone to show me how.  I watched some on-line videos and researched the process.  I even discovered that I owned the correct foot to do this.  I practiced with a basting stitch on a piece of muslin. It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of it.  Proudly, it's done, and I plan on inserting another on the Kwik Sew blouse.