Tuesday, August 02, 2011

All Chevron Panels Are Completed

The back and side panels
of the gray and white striped dress came out just as perfect as the front.  I couldn't be more pleased how this project is turning out.  This is how the perfection was accomplished.   

I had this small quilting ruler which has a bias line and a straight of grain line.  I placed the paper pattern piece on the bias of the fabric.  I placed the bias mark of the ruler on the straight of grain line of the paper pattern.  I  then made sure the straight of grain mark on the ruler lined up with a strip on the fabric.  I moved the paper pattern around until it was perfect.  Everything lined up nicely when it was time to sew the seams up.

I spent some time thinking about a lining for this dress.  At first, I wasn't going to add one, but you can see through the fabric.  I thought about batiste, but I want something that will slide against the fashion fabric.  I will probably choose either china silk or a rayon.  I still will have to order whatever I choose.  It gets discouraging not to just run to the fabric store.

I did some research on how I should lay out the lining - straight of grain or bias.  A good rule is to lay the lining as you did the garment, so bias it is.