Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Photo of The Blue Striped Shirt

I joined my DH on a business trip to LA.  As Christmas presents to two DSs and one lovely Daughter-in-Law in other states, we had them join us.  What an amazing time we all had.  I brought the blue striped shirt with me, and a measuring tape for an arm length (35 inches) for a long sleeved shirt in the future.  The shirt is loved and appreciated and appears to be an all around good fit.  Here the unsuspecting model is in our hotel and on the Queen Mary.

On one of our tours around the city, I saw Mood Fabrics, but stayed away.  I am trying hard to stay dedicated to not buying more fabric until I use up a substantial amount of what I already have.  On a prior trip, I managed a visit to the Garment District.  What an experience.