Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I would like to de-stash myself of twelve cardboard boxes of fabric. I'm not looking to sell it nor give it away but to use it up. I work full time, have a new husband and grandchild, and have other hobbies besides sewing; consequently, my time is limited. Even though dressmaking and tailoring are my favorite things to do, I also delve into knitting, cross stitching, gardening, and home improvement projects, as well as, getting through the details of everyday life.

I'm at an age where I want to simplify my life. There will always be beautiful fabric to be purchased at any time. My goal is to use up my stash of fabric while only purchasing components for a garment. This may be a lining, buttons, interfacing, etc. An exception is allowing myself to purchase certain types of fabric that I don't already possess. For example, knits aren't in my inventory, and I would like to construct a knit dress.

With that said, I am trying to stay out of the fabric stores. I have to keep the temptation away.