Thursday, December 30, 2010

New French Curves

I've had this ruler for years.  It has cracks here and there, a melted section from my iron, but I love it; mainly, because I've had it forever, and I can see through it.  I can't trace patterns without it.  Sadly, I accidently dropped it a month ago, and the top broke clean in half.  I've look around at the local sewing stores and was surprised to find that it is not carried.  Shows how times have changed.   I placed clear tape on both side of the cracks and it works just fine.

I received these two lovely rulers for Christmas, so I promptly placed the old one in the trash.  As I passed my sewing studio, I saw it sticking out of the basket.  I felt really sad that I discarded this faithful tool so casually.  I just had to pull it back out.  I am fortunate enough to own three french curves.